15 Girls Obsessed with Becoming a Real Barbie WTF!

For years the beauty and physical appearance of the Barbies have been considered as a standard of perfect beauty that every girl would want to look.

But surely these women became too obsessed with looking like the perfect dolls that made it. From small waists, facial features to incredible hair, these girls are real human dolls and now they are celebrities on the Internet.

1. Dakota Rose

Also known as Kota or Koti. This 19-year-old girl lives in Florida, and for some years she has had a great presence on the internet because of her videos on YouTube, where she gives beauty tutorials, especially aimed at the aesthetics of Japanese anime. She does not care if people talk about her dress, because she is happy to look like a doll.

2. Isabelle Venus Palermo

Isabelle Venus Palermo is a girl from London who at 15 is known as the “British Barbie”, and this is due to her incredible resemblance to the doll. Best known on the internet as  Venus Angelic, as she frequently publishes makeup and beauty tutorial videos. Venus says that to get her look she was not exposed to any type of plastic surgery, and she looks like this by wearing only contact lenses, white makeup, compact powders and a bit of digital retouching in her photos.

3. Anastasiya Shpagina

You must see it very well to realize that it is a real person and not an animated since the purpose with which it wakes up every morning Anastasiya Shpagina is to become an authentic Manga character. Anastasiya lives in Ukraine and is a girl who is completely obsessed with the characters of Japanese drawings, she spends more than an hour a day doing makeup like them, she has even practiced some surgeries to look a little more.

4. Valeria Lukyanova

This girl is one of the most famous human Barbies and possibly the one that most resembles the doll. Valeria lives in Ukraine and her dream is to be as close as possible to the famous doll, and each time she achieves it more! To become a Barbie, Lukyanova combines excessive makeup, cosmetic surgeries to increase her breast, rhinoplasty, collagen implants on the lips and a bit of Photoshop.

5. Alina Kovalevskaya


Alina Kovalevskaya is a 21-year-old Ukrainian girl obsessed with looking like the famous Barbie doll.  She states that she has not undergone any type of surgery to achieve it, that what makes her look like a doll are her expressions and mainly the use of pupils.

6. Lily Cole

Lily Cole is a very famous model and actress in London, but unlike the other girls on the list, she is not obsessed with looking like a doll. On this occasion, it was the media that highlighted that his face looked like a porcelain doll.

7. Wang Jiayun

This 17-year-old girl born in Hong Kong, but resident in China, at first sight, stands out for her big eyes, her pale face, her perfectly structured nose, and an extremely thin figure. Characteristics and traits for which it gained fame on the internet since it is very similar to an anime doll. There are even those who claim that they made a replica of him and it was a success among Korean men.

8. Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Gosiengfiao is an actress, singer and very famous Filipino cosplay model on the Internet, better known as the “Queen of Cosplay” thanks to her photos as comic characters. This girl with Chinese and Spanish ancestry is one of the best-known faces of the country thanks to the enormous resemblance she has with dolls.

9. Lin Ke Tong

The Chinese model Lin Ke Tong is not obsessed with looking like dolls, but she has such an angelic face that many times it is compared to one of them. She is very famous in her country to dress and make up like a doll. Its skin is so white and delicate that it could pass like any toy doll without the excessive use of makeup or operations.

10. Olga Oleynik

She is one of the girls of the new generation of women who resemble Barbie. It is also aesthetically modified to look like the doll and was dubbed ” Barbie’s sister ” due to her friendship with Valeria Lukyanova.

11. Charlotte Hothman

Charlotte Hothman, in addition to having a wide collection of these dolls, is passionate to look like them. To achieve this, she had surgery on her nose, applied collagen on her lips and painted her blonde hair. He has also spent his money on equipment to complete his look.

12. Anzhelika Kenova

This girl is Russian and very little is known about her story. But with a bust measurement of 99 centimeters, a waste of 45 and a hip of 33 centimeters meet the ideal standards to be a Barbie doll of real life.

13. Jessica Jung Sooyeon

Jessica is a singer, actress, entrepreneur and American designer who has dazzled her beauty throughout her artistic career since in many of the videos she looks like a beautiful porcelain doll. This girl was a member of a generation pop group from South Korea. Her delicate features and her dress make her compare her to a human doll.

14. Han Chae Young

Actress Han Chae Young is best known to her fans as the  Korean Barbie, due to her impeccable figure and impact face. His body is of ideal proportions with long limbs and tall stature.

15. Kim Yu-jin

UEE was selected as the Korean actress that most resembles a Barbie because her big eyes and small lips resemble those of a European porcelain doll.

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