10 tips for a more pleasant sexual relationship

In love as in sex, men and women think differently. For example, many men think that success lies in having a large penis or in being a true “sex machine”. This thinking is very far from what many women want and / or need.


There are small details that have little or nothing to do with good physical performance and are the key when judging how good and pleasurable sex is.


We present 10 tips to improve your sexual encounters:

  1. Everything enters through the eyes: a careless, scruffy or dirty man is an antidote to any lustful thought. Women like men who do their best to like us, who smell good, shave and have clean and well-groomed nails. The seduction starts with good looks.


  1. Kisses and more kisses: kisses are never enough. You have to kiss like teenagers, in the dark, in the park, etc. Kissing looking into each other’s eyes, kissing on the neck, in the mouth, in the ears. He who knows how to kiss will reach his goal quickly.


  1. More than 15 minutes please: the men “machine”, frantic and animal, which take fifteen minutes to reach an orgasm, are often labeled as selfish and basic. No woman likes speed in bed.


  1. Variety: the position of the missionary is not bad, but it is tiring. For many women, it is usually interesting another type of
    sexual postures, especially those that stimulate female folds.


  1. “What is not your year, does not hurt you”: Some men, in the middle of a sexual act, usually ask: where did you learn? or, who taught you? This type of questions, kill everything. The past is the past. Nothing to inquire about where, how, when or with whom it was learned. It is better to thank what you have learned and enjoyed the moment.


  1. Eye with the hands: It is necessary to caress, not to knead. Some men are too fast and clumsy with their hands. They forget (or do not know directly) that the hands must be used to caress the neck, cheeks, hair or feet.


  1. Let act: if your partner puts on a sexy bra for the occasion, do not start it, enjoy it. If we light the fireplace, we buy wine, or we heat the jacuzzy; Men must learn to enjoy those romantic details. It is necessary to propose to them to be slower with the romanticism and to be delighted with the details of the seduction.

  1. Words: many women agree that the clitoris is in the ears. We like to hear that we like them, that we are beautiful, that they are excited, that we are fascinated, or that they love us (as we like to be told that they love us!). The words are a fundamental part of the sexual relationship.


  1. Two followed, no: quality instead of quantity. Once the first act is over, there is always an intermission or a break to have a wine, chat, pamper yourself, or relax. That man who returns and attacks runs the risk of becoming a nightmare.

  1. Goodbye snores: For very good sex you have, the one who ends and falls asleep immediately is a perfect disaster. So, stay awake! Love, like sex, values pleasure in many ways.

Now get ready for an intense sex session, how about starting with a rich massage? Or, a delicious dinner by candlelight? You choose, let your imagination fly and forget the limitations.

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