The B side of sex toys: more and more sexologists “prescribe” them to heal problems in bed

Vibrators, clitoral stimulators, rings for the penis, plastic vaginas: all can be used “for therapeutic purposes”. Sexologists indicate them as “remedies” for men with premature ejaculation or erection problems or for both sexes to learn to practice oral sex


It is likely that those who never entered a sex shop imagine a sordid and ordinary world, inhabited only by huge flesh-colored penises, inflatable dolls with open mouths and vedette lingerie. However, the industry has long been inclined towards technological, design and much less literal toys. It is also likely that those who never ventured into that world believe that toys have only one purpose: to provoke sexual pleasure. However, gynecologists and sexologists found that toys – both those designed for women and those designed for men – have a B side: they help solve all kinds of sexual dysfunctions. 

Toys for women

Clitoral stimulants:
“Some sex toys are great allies to solve specific problems, I propose them and I indicate them to my patients on many occasions”, starts the psychologist and sexologist Adriana Arias. “For example, when a woman who has difficulty reaching orgasm comes in. That usually has to do with the fact that her partner (male or female) has not generated a proper clitoral stimulation practice so that she can achieve the goal. Orgasm In those cases, I indicate the use of clitoridean stimulators so that I can exercise the area and have orgasms. “

Clitoris stimulator. The Swedish brand LELO is rechargeable, waterproof, has 8 modes of stimulation and adapts to the palm of the hand.

Dildos (dildos) with vibration:
“Vibrating dildos have several therapeutic uses in adult women, for example, in women who want to improve the quality of their orgasms .” With use, the woman is mapping her brain with different sensations. and she is recognizing the different types of orgasm that she may have, “continues Sandra Mairena, a gynecologist, sexologist, and member of the Argentine Society of Child and Adolescent Gynecology. “I speak of adult women because with the adolescents the indication is different: I order them to masturbate, touching and exploring their own body is the way they learn to have an orgasm.” If they do not touch each other, they will always be forced to that their sensations depend on the creativity or the ability of another “.

Dildos vibrators. They are loaded through a USB port and can be operated from an app.

Other therapeutic uses of vibrators:
“Vibrators are also indicated for massaging the vagina and improving conditions of the vaginal epithelium in women who have a low amount of estrogen or during menopause.”  To explain it easily: it is as if you massaged the scalp. the vibration massage improves lubrication, elasticity, and quality of orgasms”, complete Mirena. I also indicate them for people who do not have a partner: “They serve to maintain active desire, one can not wait to be with someone to have sexual pleasure.”

Dildos (dildos) without vibration:
“Dildos without vibration, also called dilators, are very effective for women who have a sexual dysfunction called vaginismus, which is an involuntary spasm of the vagina that prevents penetration. of the treatment is the use of these devices so that they learn to expand and can, with practice, achieve penetration, “says Mirena.

A “luxury” dildo: it is bathed in 24-carat gold and made to order. It costs $ 15,000.

Costumes :
“All these elements also serve for the loss of sexual desire, in those cases, I indicate them to expand the imagination of the couple.” Costumes, lingerie to embody characters, penises of different sizes or elements of domination allow expanding the erotic fantasies. the creativity is a key element erotic stimulation because erotica takes lousy with stable, the routine and the expected “continues Arias.

. “The Chinese balls are inserted into the vagina can have different sizes and have a specific weight then, when the woman stands the ball descends. Touches the pelvic floor and causes involuntary muscle contractions That not only causes very pleasant sensations, it allows to strengthen the pelvic floor and when that floor is strong there are better orgasms. In the larger women, in addition, its use helps to avoid urinary incontinence. In Europe, women use them while they walk. 10 to 15 minutes of Chinese balls every day, “says Mirena.

Toys for men:

Vibrating ring: 
“I indicate them for patients who have difficulties in the erection, either to achieve it or to maintain it. The therapeutic indication is that first self-erupt and gets a full erection by masturbation, and then place the vibrator ring in the base of the penis to help it retain blood flow for an appropriate time, “explains Colombian sexologist Martha Mejía, specialized in the University of Barcelona.

There are many types of penile rings. This is charged by USB and has 5 speeds.

Vagina plastic or male masturbators:
. “A common sexual dysfunction in men is premature ejaculation When the patient comes to the consultation, first receives treatment regimens and given a psychological empowerment. To overcome the fear of failure Then, it happens in the use of the plastic vagina, that must buy in a sex shop “, explains Mejía. “What I ask is that you audition a hot oil-based water and go making a gradual approach so that moisture, tightness, heat, and friction recreate the conditions of a real vagina. That way, you can go rehearsing the ejaculatory control, at its pace and without pressure “.

Other uses of the plastic vagina:
“I also indicate it for men who, because of childhood and adolescence patterns, are afraid of penetration, men who deify the real vagina and are very shy at the time of intercourse. With this toy patient overcome the fear of penetration in such a way that, when they pass into the real vagina, they feel more confident and confident “, Mejía completes. “They are also used to learn how to stimulate a vagina, both in a tactile way and to learn how to give oral sex to a woman.” It is for patients who need to acquire confidence and dexterity, for those who do not know or for those who state that They do not like to have oral sex. “

Anal plug:
“I tell those who want to make the first approach to anal penetration without feeling discomfort, fear or pain, they
 are called customers or anal plug and serve both for self-penetration and for their sexual partner to penetrate,” says Mejía. “There are many men, homo or heterosexuals, who know that there is the male G-spot, the prostate and that it is extremely exciting to direct stimulation. ” Mirena makes a clarification to bear in mind before going shopping: “Anal sex toys always have to be capped, the vagina ejects these devices, the anus does not.”

Plug with strass. In Mercado Libre, they cost 700 pesos.

Hot and cold oils:
 Hot oils or lubricants help to have greater vasodilation, greater sensitivity, and irrigation in the genital area and that accelerates the pulsations and, consequently, ejaculation, which is why I suggest them for patients with delayed ejaculation. the cold oils, however, greatly help those who need more control of ejaculation because the corpora cavernosa are not so exposed and the areas surrounding the genitals” Mejia said. For the same purpose, cold and hot bandages are used.

Erotic Sex dolls:
“I recommend them for people who do not have a partner and for whom, for some reason, they need to know a woman’s body, the depth of their genitals.” The Sex dolls look more and more real, they are kind to the touch, some even have very well-achieved faces, exercising with a doll allows them to acquire security and confidence to act more calmly when they are going to have a sexual encounter with a real person, “ Mejía concludes.

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