What does a woman look for when she buys a hyper realistic sex doll?

The proportion of females who choose these toys grows and the reasons for getting a doll are varied and not always sexual.

We already knew that some men prefer sex dolls to women of flesh and blood; that the business of this type of toys has been sophisticated to the point that the realism of these avatars begins to be disconcerting, and that the industry is working to achieve increasingly perfect models. Silicone lovers already have a skin with a touch very similar to human, bodies that can store temperature and sexual organs with a consistency and finish that emulate those in their twenties. In addition, it is possible that very soon these machines of pleasure can speak, emit moans or anticipate the wishes of their masters.

But in this section of bedding we do not know the other side, the world of male sex dolls and their users, that’s why the American sex blogger Karley Sciortino – with much more budget than me and a remarkable resemblance to the protagonist of Sexo en New York- traveled to Los Angeles, where Sinthetics , surely the best sex doll factory in the world, satisfies the demands of its demanding clientele and produces silicone beings whose value starts at € 5,510 and can multiply depending on the attributes with which we want to adorn them: skin tone, hair, pubic hair, penises -flácidos or erect-, color of eyes or manicure.

The video that Sciortino publishes on his website, Slutever, teaches the process of creating Gabriel, one of the men currently available in the catalog of this company, and reveals some secrets about their potential buyers. According to Bronwen Keller, co-owner of Sinthetics and customer service, most of her demands come from the states of Texas, Minnesota, and Michigan. The sale of dolls was always above that of synthetic men, but in the last three months, they have begun to equalize. Of course, we must not forget that the gay public, and not only women, may have contributed to the increase in demand for latex lovers.

Generally, buyers of sex dolls take an active part in the process of creating it, choosing their physical features, from the color of the skin to the shape of the earlobe and can be extremely picky. If men let their imagination fly when it comes to designing their rubber lover, and have no qualms about whether the final model exists or not in the real world; They are much more modest in their requests. In the words of Keller, ” the woman who wants a doll seeks, almost always, the naturalness, the boy in front. A good body but with the inherent imperfections of any individual. Most ask to be freckles, marks, scars, tattoos. The demand for hair on the chest is also quite common, as is the hair on the genitals and happy trail (that trail of hair that goes from the waist to the penis and that can also go up to the torso) “.

Another of the models available in Sinthetics. PHOTO: SYNTHETIC

The history of inflatable dolls goes back to the “traveling ladies” who accompanied sailors on long journeys to make their nights more bearable; It goes through the legend that said that Hitler had them manufactured so that German soldiers avoided mating with non-Aryan women during World War II and went as far as the appearance of the first commercial inflatable doll, in 1950. This was German, it was called Bild Lilli and it was inspired by a comic character, although it was not yet penetrable. It is said that the first Barbie owes a lot to this prototype.

Created for extreme situations, in which the feminine gender shone by its absence, these toys have contributed to generating a new sexuality, which prefers objects to people. It is likely that society still has a hard time digesting someone buying one of these Frankenstein sexual monsters. However, as pointed out by Matt Krivicke, a sculptor who quit his job as a creator of Halloween masks and now forms part of the Sinthetics team “people do not object to a dildo because their entire body has been amputated. There’s no face, no arms, no legs, no six pack abs, no beer belly. It’s just a penis and that’s the last thing we would make excuses for. ” The words of Krivicke, exits of an interview to The Independent, are not exempt from certain logic.

Not only for sexual purposes

Lovers of synthetic beings are already the object of study and Sarah Valverde, a psychologist at Cal Pol State University in San Luis Obispo, California, has made them protagonists of her doctoral thesis. According to Valverde in his work, many of these people feel shame for possessing this type of toys but, contrary to the stereotype that society has awarded them, they are not less satisfied than the rest of the population and do not suffer more depression or mental illness than the rest of the mortals. “Possessing a doll is certainly a sexual behavior that deviates from the norm,” says Sarah in her thesis, “but as long as it does not become an obsessive behavior or affect other areas of life, we can not define it as the disorder”.

As pointed out by an article in The Atlantic, many of the women who buy this type of toys do so in the company of their partner and not always for sexual purposes; like Barbara, a 61-year-old Californian businesswoman who, together with her husband, own four dolls that they photograph and little else. Bob and Lizzie is a British couple that has gone a little further. His collection of hyperrealistic dolls contains 240 copies with which they walk, drink tea, watch television or discuss the consequences of Brexit in the already battered English economy. A video on YouTube dramatizes the hard life of this couple, who spends a good part of the day carrying and moving their heavy mannequins.

More models of Sinthetics.

But if one wants to know the reasons behind the fact that a woman buys a sex doll and uses it for her real purposes, what she has to do is talk to her owners. There are already several websites where doll lovers share their experiences, photos and even costumes, such as iDollators or Our doll community, in which I sign up to try to talk to the few girls who, timidly, start to love these forums. Jessica is a North American porn actress who uses it for work purposes. “Lately the videos of women who ride with dolls are getting fashionable. It’s what I call an easy job because you’re the one who holds the reins at all times and you do what you want. ” Lady R is another woman who likes to play with dolls, in this case not for work but for pleasure. The little friend of the talk is limited to pointing out that “I like to sleep accompanied, so I sometimes decide to replace the pillow with ‘my boy’. If it were something purely sexual I would have been enough with a vibrator. It is something different and, surely, it has more to do with affections than with sex. You can feel things for an object and this, in turn, can make us feel more wrapped, comfortable. ”

If we revere the iPhone, what do we miss?

According to the book The Erotic Doll by Marquard Smith, any non-reproductive sexual relationship was seen as perverse in the past, although to this day it is perfectly acceptable. “Currently, however, we feel less comfortable with emotional ties that are ‘socially unproductive’, that’s why we see men who have emotional relationships with their dolls as rare, instead of using them exclusively for sex. We hope that relations involve a mutual consent, a certain degree of equanimity and reciprocity that is impossible with an inanimate object “. According to Smith, the love for the creation of oneself always has something of narcissism and, according to the article in The AtlanticThis author, “in the age of technology, intimate relationships with objects are quite common. You just have to think about how many use the iPhone. But owning a sex doll can have its social and psychological consequences. People who want to develop their intimate and erotic relationships with inanimate objects, although with the human form. I do not want to pathologize anyone but there is some danger in the way that these behaviors restrict an authentic emotional intelligence “.

Male Sex Doll from hotsexydolls.com

According to the sociologist, sexologist and couple therapist Delfina Mieville, in Madrid, ” behind this apparent hypersexuality, we witness a desexualization of society in which the virtual and the symbolic have replaced the canal. The loss of the erotic, the seduction and the encounter with another sexual being have been replaced by the fast sex, that has more to do with the genitals, the sensations, and their consumption. We have confused rebelling against the taboo with a saturation of words and images, the commodification of erotic verbiage; and, as it is said in Gestalt, the word moves us away from experience “. Regarding gender differences between fans of silicone doll and latex lovers, Mieville points out that women “legitimize and eroticize us through the empathic, so the effective ingredient may be more essential for females. Now, everything depends on how it is taken. If the doll is just an erotic toy, another tool such as vibrators or movies; they can fulfill a function. The question is, are we making friends, plastic lovers and family because we do not know what to do with the flesh and blood? It is clear that our loneliness is convenient for the market so that we can sell more things “.

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