The Japanese are famous for their sexual eccentricity. But, now, they reach a new threshold.

A company called Orient Industry has launched a collection of ultra-realistic sex dolls that look like real women.

When I saw the photos, in some I thought, “This can not be a doll, it’s a real woman…”

I had to look very carefully to make sure it was not a trot, one of those that spread over the internet at a spectacular speed, kind of the killer dolphins that Estadão has published.

So I went to research more about them. Named “Dutch Wives” – Dutch wives, a term used in Japan for sex dolls – inflatable dolls have nothing.

The dolls are made of a high-quality silicone, whose touch resembles that of a true skin, and their eyes are frighteningly realistic.

“We feel that at last, we have managed to create a doll that is indistinguishable from a woman,  company spokesman Osami Seto told The Daily Mail.

Orient Industry has been working in this segment for a long time, but for Osami there was still a need to evolve in two areas: the skin and the eyes.

With this release, however, they believe they got there. The top of the line costs about $ 14,000 and you can customize it in several ways: height, eye color, hair, breast size, etc.

And, of course, they come with the outfit (or costume) you choose. In addition, “Dutch Wives” have flexible joints, so you put them in your preferred sexual position.

Now comes the question: would you sleep with one of these? I personally think well weird. They are so perfect that a sexual act with them must be similar to necrophilia. But I do not know, each one with their preferences.

Sex Doll available at this price in the USA market


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