My dear, these toys are going to love you …

Sex toy store to get the most absolute pleasure. Alone or accompanied.


It is recommended to know yourself much better. If the same one knows which are the keys to its body that when pressing them they are pleasant, we will be able to have the best sex of our life.

It’s nice when women like Lady Gaga recognize in public to use sex toys. RICK KERN GETTY IMAGES

If we know what excites us, how we achieve orgasm and learn which parts of our body should be stimulated, our sex life will improve. So that we can explain to our partner what we like, we should know how much we like it. Almost 150 years after Joseph Mortimer Granville invented the first female masturbator, perfection seems to have reached technique. We stopped calling the gadget in question “comforter” to embrace the term vibrator. More precise. More significant Much less offensive. As much as it was invented to treat what the London doctor who invented it diagnosed as “female hysteria”, The vibrators have become simple and usual bed partners. And one of its best advantages is that they are used both alone and in the company of the person who inserts. What we want is for the tiger to eat us … Or at least, that’s how we feel it.


My dear, these toys are going to love you ...

Under the name of a magic wand, we find a whole repertoire of masturbators that in the 60s were marketed as facial massagers and that actually did not stop being the first clitoral stimulators. The pornographic industry greatly benefited its popularization on account of the multiple appearances of the device in question; The more than forty years of sales guarantee its reliability and success.



My dear, these toys are going to love you ...

Ever since Venus O’Hara, a professional sex toy tester, confessed that during her first contact with a clitoral sniffer, she felt that the orgasm “was robbing her “, we declared ourselves a diehard fan of these little clitoral stimulators. Any Satisfier model is always in the first number of sales. It is marketed in multiple versions, has increased intensity levels and has silenced even more of its engines. Discreet and effective. His best letter of introduction is that it is also used in therapies for women with anorgasmia since direct stimulation of the clitoris makes them reach the desired orgasm.


How a masturbator became a sales success.


My dear, these toys are going to love you ...

Under this definition, all the vibrators that stimulate the clitoris while they penetrate are agglutinated. They have more or less explicit form of a penis with a protrusion before its base to caress the clitoris. This type of stimulator was invented in Japan, where by law, sex toys could not have the form of genitals and  Sex in New York” launched him to stardom.

What did he have to become a success that has been so versioned since its appearance? That finally at the same time they penetrated us they licked our crotch! The maximum of perfection, in which languages can even multiply for female delight.



My dear, these toys are going to love you ...

Millions of US marriages owe the triumph of their marriage to WE VIBE 3 This is the case after more than 4 million units were sold in the North American market in the first five years of existence. Designed by a couple of Canadian engineers, the device stimulates the clitoris and the inside of the vagina at the same time. Due to its curvature and flexibility, it guarantees that the part that enters the vagina reaches and massages the G-Spot. Like a clamp, both parts (clitoris and point G) receive the vibration at the same time.

The stimulator reaches between 3,000-5,000 revolutions per minute and is controlled digitally or through the Smartphone, which allows the remote amatory game. It is one of the few devices that due to its light design allows being used while having sex, the penis fits perfectly in the vagina at the same time as the vibrator.



My dear, these toys are going to love you ...

That a shower is an excellent place of sexual encounter we already know, that’s why the secret of this vibrator is precise that we can wet it, submerge it and soak it without fear that it stops working. Its flexibility of up to 45º allows reaching any nook inside the body of the woman, adapting to any feminine physiognomy. Its impermeability allows to use it while we relax in the bathtub. Hand of Saint



My dear, these toys are going to love you ...

Can you imagine that you could be in the same room with your parents and your brothers while your lover from another room masturbates you? Welcome to the wonderful world of vibrators with remote control. The little egg Oh! It allows you to unleash family perversions if you feel like it. Nobody will notice that you are using it if you manage to disguise the pleasure caused by the silicone egg that your love handles from a distance of up to 10     meters.

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